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Our Services

Specialty Manufacturing Solutions provides single source manufacturing services. Specializing in sub assembled and fully assembled products to customer specifications. Specialty Manufacturing Solutions can provide turnkey solutions by obtaining all the components needed for assembly and kitting needs.

Mechanical/ Electromechanical Assembly

Specialty assembles components that are to be used with other components in a larger manufactured product. We source individual parts, assemble them into a complete component and deliver them directly to the customer’s production facility.

Product assembly services are determined by our customer’s specifications and requirements. From basic hand assembly to complex multiple component projects. Utilizing our assembly services customers can focus on final assembly of their product helping to reduce operational costs and drive products to market in shorter time frame.

  • 20+ years of assembly experience
  • UL, NSF, CSA certified assembly
  • In house soldering, welding, press fit,
    riveting, cutting services
  • Assembled and packaged to
    customer specifications
  • Short-run (1-10,000 pcs)

CNC Machining

Our manufacturing department boasts a wide range of capabilities. We can run single-piece orders as well as production quantities.

CNC Vertical Milling Capabilities

  • 51” x 22” x 18” Max Machining Volume
  • Thru-Spindle Coolant
  • 4th Axis

CNC Lathe Capabilities

  • Bar Feed
  • Radial and Axial Live Tooling
  • Y-axis
  • Sub-spindle

Kitting, Packaging, Labeling

We have a well-experienced team to handle kitting, sorting, packaging, and any type of specialty task or labor intensive process. Specialty groups, packages, and supplies individual but related items together as one unit. We provide pre-packed, labeled and bar-coded kits for a range of industries
and applications.

  • Component kitting
  • Bar coding
  • Custom labeling & packaging

Part Procurement Machining & Fabrication

Product procurement is a main focal point. We procure the best possible cost to meet the needs of the customer in terms of quality, quantity and time. Our partnerships developed over the last 25 years allow us to provide an extensive range of products from Machining, Fabrication, Molding,
and electrical commodities.

  • Machined components, CNC milling
    & turning, screw machine
  • Electrical components, wire harnesses, electrical relays, contactors, fuses etc.
  • Hardware, screws nuts bolts and custom hardware
  • Molded products, rubber and plastic

Inventory Warehousing and Management

Assemblies, kits, inventoried product are maintained through our warehouse management system. We have 67,000 sq. ft. of racked warehouse space to hold and ship product for JIT delivery. We offer stocking programs, inspection and sorting services. Our programs help minimize our customer’s on hand inventory while still having product available to meet unexpected spikes in product demand.

  • JIT, Kanban, stocking programs
  • Overflow storage
  • Inspection & sorting services Inventory
    Warehousing Management

Are raw material or component cost eating up your profit margins?

Are you “connected” well enough to search globally for sources?

Are overhead costs & space constraints compromising future expansion?

Are you burdened with everyday “fires” to the point you don’t have the time to search for the “best value” supplier?

Is factory floor space under utilized with
non-profitable, low volume products?

Contact us for all your single source manufacturing solution needs.

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